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My Wierd Life

I suspect that the large majority of people in this world would say I have a weird life. And maybe from their perspective it would be true. But I love this life and I believe that it is more "normal" according to God's standards than my "normal" used to be. In fact I hope my life gets even more weird. Somehow I suspect that in doing so - it will come even closer to God's design. I love this life - I want more!

Yesterday I prayed and worshiped in the morning. Went home and napped, did laundry, ate lunch. Went back to the office to do paperwork and to plan a bible study. That afternoon I shared with the YE students about how God had told me to walk around Cairo and stake the ground. They then had the opportunity to write out their own stakes and we went and planted them at the location of their choice. Interestingly enough - they did not mock the activity. This is a miracle in itself. The verses they chose were even insightful - I was blessed by reading them.

That evening I drove an hour and a half to Benton, IL for a worship service. Spent the night in the church with some of my staff and quite a few people we didn't really know. Woke up this morning with a headache (spiritual warfare continues to plague me with headaches) and to people in the prayer room wailing and crying and sining and praying. Honestly, when your not used to that, at first it sounds a bit creepy - but was soon embraced by my ears. Took a shower and am now typing on my adopted bed as Amanda gets dressed. Our "room" is a old sunday school room - converted into a dorm room.

Today a group from First Free in Springfield will make the journey to Cairo, and call one of our converted classrooms and the resource room their "home" for a couple of nights. Time for breakfast!

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