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Breathe on me

Beathe on me
Your breath in me
Pnuema - your Spirit
Give me life

An empty vessel
My life
Presented for filling
I desire to be a carrier
Of your presence
Breathe into me

By Your Word
Living, alive, now
With the kiss of your mouth
Put your lips on mine
And breathe
Fill my lungs
My heart
My soul
Every part of my body
Filled with the very breath
Of the Almighty

I am a carrier
Of His most brilliant presence
I am the light
Of the world
Not because of who I am
But who is in me
Filling me
Shining out
To dispel the depth of darkness
Every place I set my feet
Darkness must flee

Christ in me
God in me
The Holy Spirit filling every part
With Him I have become
One flesh, one breath
Unashamed of my nakedness
Recognizing the lies of Satan
Free from guilt
And condemnation
Walking a life of transparent
Intimate communion with God

Breathe on me - breath of God


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