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Walking Stones

We are over a valley of walking stones too numerous to count. From my aerial view, I can see no people - just stones moving about. But I know that these stones are not moving of their own power, they are being carried, shouldered by people. They are bowed down, eyes to the ground, they really can't see very much around them, just their feet, the ground right underneath them and anyone that comes into their peripheral. Most are covering the same ground over and over again. As I look around I see some men who are not carrying stones, they are watching. The watchers will yell out instructions but it just leads the walkers in a circle. Which I realize is what they want - so they can keep them within their grasp, control. I watch as some who are carrying the stones stumble, some fall, some drop the stone, others are crushed under it's weight. I notice others who have dropped their stone or have fallen, struggling to hoist the stone back into the air. Some just give up. Some lay as though dead. There is a barrage of little stones being tossed at the people. I wonder where they are coming from but I can't tell. Because of the precarious nature of balancing the stone, the little rocks have a tendency to make them stubble or drop their stone. ( I later see the source of these little rocks, they are being thrown by angels, not in a mean spirited way - but a very calculated toss that knocks the walkers off balance. There is this realization that they are using "circumstances" to try to "help" the walkers get freed from carrying their stones.) I see the watchers they have cans of spray paint and I now notice that each stone has been "tagged" and that the stones with the same tags seem to stay together, for the most part. Occasionally a stone with a different tag will come into the one of the other "groups" and the watcher will run over and tag it. The people are very tired and very hungry and very thirsty. I see that their only "meal" is a communion size cup and a wafer. Not nearly enough to sustain them.

I am now in the valley, I can see those carrying the stones better, some stones are being carried by families - mom and/or dad's and their children. Some of the children are just barely tall enough to touch the stone, others are jumping up trying to help. Occasionally one of the stones will fall and crush a child. Now that I am on the ground I also notice people that are crawling around on the ground they are carrying cups of water and they go up to the people who have stumbled or fallen. The ones who are still carrying the stones either ignore them or are annoyed by them. Occasionally one of the crawling ones inadvertently causes one of the walking ones to stumble or fall or drop the stone. There is a bit of an adversarial relationship between the two. The water refreshes those who have fallen and some of them begin to follow the crawlers. Others get just refreshed enough to have enough strength to pick up the stone and start walking again. The water brings healing to those who seem like they are dead. The crawlers will sometimes even drag a person to the base of the mountain. There is a mountain completely surrounding the valley. To high and steep just to climb, but there is a small opening at the bottom - it's kind of hard to find - but the crawlers lead people to the opening. It looks a little scary - sometimes people will get all the way to the entrance and then turn back. But some begin to crawl through. The watchers don't really notice the crawlers to often because the stones are covering them up, but when they do see them they mock them, or belittle them for not working hard enough. Then others will pick up the chant - slacker, slacker and attention will focus on that person for awhile.

Back at the small entrance Jesus begins crawling through and I follow him. It's dark and confusing at first. I'm a little unnerved - but not frightened. At first I'm grabbing onto Jesus foot as he is crawling but then I begin to just sense where he is and it's like I can see him. There are quite a few bends and turns but I eventually see light - it gets brighter and brighter until we finally pop through to the other side of the mountain and the scene before me is beautiful - trees, lush grass, streams, flowers, waterfalls - I think it is like the Garden of Eden. There are many people there and the atmosphere is serene but joyful, there is a buzz in the air, laughter, people are comfortable, chatty, relaxed, enjoying each other. There are all these small groups around sitting under trees, by the waterfalls or streams. As I look around I notice all these tents on the outskirts of the valley. I ask Jesus what is this place, what are the tents, who are these people? [This is my habitation. I desire my people to come here. Those tents are the tents of meeting. The place that is created by each person or group or church, in order to enter into my habitation. Many come alone, but some have created a place where many can enter. I will often show up at these meeting places to usher people in.]

As we walk around the groups I see that they are fellowship, they talking and eating. There is wine, oil and bread. As Jesus comes by he caresses people and then pours water out on the groups. He is greatly enjoying this time - and so am I. There is something very special about what is happening here. I want to stay. After he has poured out water on them they begin to look like Christ. Everyone is starting to look like Him. [I am in you - you are in me]. When they are clothed they go back - either through the Tent of meeting or the tunnel. I notice a couple of others things - there are no angels here. [This is the mystery - of humanity - that they can have intimacy at this level with me. This is part of the reason Satan has sought to destroy you and that Angels have marveled and desire to understand this mystery] I also see new people coming through the tunnel and when they come out most crawl immediately to the nearby river to drink. The whole thing is like a covert rescue operation. After a time those drinking at the river begin joining the different groups.

We are back in the valley of rocks and I see the crawlers - they are still giving out water - but I notice now that there are some that are talking, speaking. A pile of stones is beginning to form. People are laying down their rocks and placing them against the mountain. The crawlers are helping to direct their efforts. It is creating a stairway of sorts. I understand that a stairway is being carved out on the other side too, in preparation. As more people come through the tunnel more come back and even more are led through. The stairway is done and something is beginning to happen. I see on the other side of the mountain the groups are becoming circles and they are spinning intertwined together. A wind is being generated and it begins to blow up over the mountain and into the next valley. At first there is confusion, but then it is obvious that some of the people are feeling this wind as a blast of hot air, it is searing them and they drop their rocks and run from the wind. Another group is refreshed by the wind, it is a cool breeze, sweet smelling. In response to this wind they also drop their rocks, not in fear but freedom. And when they do, their vision is cleared and they can now see the stairway. They begin to run. A mass of people is running for the stairs, scrambling over the rocks, climbing up - there is a desperation and a joy all jumbled together in one emotion. Jumping, leaping sometimes tumbling down the other side and they come splashing into the river. Drinking, bathing, swimming, loving it.

In a very short time, they then run into the wheels like they know exactly where they are going. The pitch becomes higher and higher and the sound begins to cause a rumble in the earth. There is a massive explosion and the mountain tumbles into a deep cavern. It is a wide, deep cavern. An obvious separation between the two groups of people. There would seem no way of crossing it. Jesus says to me - [The stones where never meant to be weights, they were meant to building blocks to that you might come closer to me. They were meant to be used as a strong foundation, something to stand on, not under. They were meant to build up places of refuge. (a mixed look crosses Jesus faces - joy and sadness mixed together) A marriage song and a funeral dirge will now begin]{I understand that a dividing line has been placed.}

I believe that Jesus is saying through this that the man made structure of the church as we know it cannot sustain the "true" church, it cannot contain it, it cannot support it, the structure itself is faulty. That the old wine skin of the church, will not be able to hold the new wine. We must have new wine skins.

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