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Change of Season

Today I shared with everyone in prayer about how God had spoken to me that we are entering into a new season. That we are going through a transition and that this new season will release both unity in the spirit, but also pressure, attack, enemies will arise. I suspect that David's pslams will become even more real to me through this time. Up till now we have been able to be everyone's friend - we are non-offensive - we have favor, people like us. But I believe we are moving into this season where people will begin to take offense at us because of the stand that we take with and for Christ. Christ said - do not be surprised when people hate you. If they hated me - they will hate you. In the midst of the pressure - the squeezing - persecution - the true church will be drawn together in unity. There will be no middle of the road, riding of the fence. Your either with Christ - or against Him. Your either His friend or His enemy.

I have lived in a place where I had no enemies - but I believe God has queitly spoken to me - and is preparing us for this change. Friends and enemies will arise. I wait expectantly for the oil of unity to be released. I have some fear of rising enemies. Not that they can hurt me - but that I might not represent my Lord is the fashion that I desire and he deserves. God give me the grace - you inside me, your power, to stand sit and rest in your presence while you hem me in before and behind. I trust your Soveriegnty. You are good - I embrace the suffering and death, that I might share more deeply with you in resurrection life.

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