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My fruitfulness depends not on my ability and strength, but on my willingness to yield and be obedient to the direction of the One who is truly able to accomplish all things.

This thought came as I was pondering through the way God accomplishes His purposes - especially in light of how God moved yesterday. It started with my covenant group meeting yesterday morning. We began with prayer and during our prayers I kept on seeing trees, swaying in the wind. The view looked like I was laying on my back looking up at them. I wondered out loud if we weren't to spend our time that morning enjoying God's creation. It was agreed upon and we headed (with all animals in tow) to Horseshoe lake. It end up being a beautiful day, the breeze offering the perfect respite from the mounting heat. As I lay on my back - looking up to the trees - it was just as I had envisioned earlier. The animals provided our entertainment and we just enjoyed being for a little while.

And then our day took an interesting turn. As we were driving back into Cairo, Heather noticed a young guy walking along the road and we were pretty sure he was carrying a bible. Our immediate conclusion was that he must be prayer walking. Heather suggested we turn around and find out what he was doing and we did. Turned around, pulled up to him, introduced ourselves and ask him what he was doing. His response was that he believed God had wanted him to come to Cairo for a couple of days - so he was being obedient to that. My estimation is that in less than 90 seconds of conversation, he was in our car and we were headed home - all trying to piece together what God might be up to on this particular day.

Let me just say here that I don't believe God is random - though it may seem at times as though He works that way. It wasn't a coincidence that on this day we decided to go to Horseshoe Lake, nor was it coincidences of the timing of our return to Cairo that allowed our paths to cross with Jonathon from Marion who was being obedient to a movement of God in his life to hitchhike down to Cairo and see what might happen. Even twenty-fours hours later, after showing him around town, praying, eating, working and worshiping together, I still can't tell you exactly what God is doing or what He is working out in Jonathon's life, our life, this community. But that's OK, I'm coming more and more to a place where I can just enjoy the ride and know that God is working it out, in His way, in His time. My contribution - yieldedness.

My suspicion is that Jonathon won't be the last person we pick up on the road to Cairo. That he won't be the last person that responds to God's voice to come, unsure of why, but desiring to be obedient. No, instead I believe that he is one, of an ever growing population of people, that God desires to route through this little layover stop in Cairo, as they journey on down the highway of their life seeking to live out their eternal destiny in Christ.

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