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The Coming Storm

I am asking.
Rend the Heavens and come down.
Open the floodgates of Heaven. Let it rain.
My heart is full of expectation.
But I know that before the rain -
there is always a gathering of the clouds.
I see the storm coming and begin to make preparations.
Filling my oil lamp to full.
The wind starts to blow and shakes everything in it's path.
Debris swirls around me and dust is kicked up in my eyes.
The tears that come are a blessing and provide much needed relief.

Once small and intermit, the clouds begin to tightly form together.
Growing thick, heavy, pregnant with one unified purpose
Preparing the way for the rain that will soon be released
The sky turns dark as the clouds block the last rays of sunlight.
The atmosphere begins to change.
There is electricity building.
Thunder rattles the windows
and lighting punctures through the dark sky.
The earth quakes
and so does my heart,
not from fear but excitement.

I'm waiting with anticipation for the coming rain.
Even in the midst of it's fury,
it's destruction,
the loss
I know this storm's purpose is life.
This dry, fallow ground I now see
will be saturated
with a pure, refreshing, cleansing rain.
And that in it's wake
the rain will bring forth a great harvest,
an inheritance for the King.
The storehouse will be filled
and the wedding feast will begin.

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